Client: Deutche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit, GIZ.

Country: El Salvador

Date: 1993-1995

Creation of a regulated financial institution, Financiera CALPIÁ S.A., and based on the Credit Service of AMPES (CrediAmpes). This professional association and its microcredit program were created in 1988 to counter the effects of the earthquake that devastated San Salvador. The Project, which was one of the first successful upgrading experiences in Latin America, was sponsored mainly by GTZ and, additionally, by the IDB, the MIF, and the BCIE. In 2004 CALPIÁ became ProCredit Bank El Salvador.
The project consisted of:

  • Definition the management and operational structure of the institution, starting from the structure of the NGO,
  • Developing the Financiera’s Feasibility Plan and the Transformation Plan, and the institutional presentation of de new company.
  • Definition of the capital structure target
  • Advisory to the Board of Directors of NGO CrediAmpes.
  • Recruiting of Financiera shareholders, nationals and international institutions,
  • Elaboration and negociations of Bylaws and shareholders agreement.
  • Selection the members of the first Board of Directors of CALPIÁ.
  • Obtaining the incorporation and operation authorizations of the Financiera from the Central Bank, the Superintendant of the Financial System and other authorities.