Client: European Investment Bank, (EIB), Sanabel, CGAP, AFD and KfW.

Country: Egypt, Tunisia, Algeria, Morocco Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, Israel, Gaza, and the West Bank

Date: 2008

This project has two objectives. First of all, to add value in relation to the assessment of the socioeconomic impact of microfinance, in two directions: Firstly, in the conclusions that can be considered valid from the microcredit impact assessment studies conducted worldwide; and secondly, in the validity of the methodologies used in these very studies.
The other objective is to gauge the current situation on Impact assessment in the FEMIP partner countries (Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, Israel, Gaza, West Bank, Egypt, Tunisia, Algeria and Morocco); and to develop a proposal for improving the gap in terms of methodology and geographical coverage.
NODUS has been commissioned the assignment, with the support of the University of Salamanca and under the coordination of the EIB. The project is financed by the European Union, with the support and contribution from Sanabel, CGAP, AFD and KfW.