Consultancy services

NODUS provides consultancy services to governments, international organizations, public and private institutions and companies, as well as supervised and non supervised financial firms.

These services are focused on finding and promoting equality in its broadest sense (gender, race, age, etc.) and on the availability of affordable financial services for the entire population, especially the most exposed to social exclusion.

The main processes we undertake are the following:

Strengthening and capacity building of financial institutions

which offers financial services to MSMEs, and to the general population, both from a comprehensive approach and in specific fields.



of policies, strategies, institutional capacities and performance at the macro, meso and micro levels.

Analysis, design and implementation


of policies and strategies related to financial inclusion at the macro, meso and micro levels.

Studies and Diagnostics

of the microfinance industry, financial inclusion situation, MSME and rural sector, considering levels of satisfaction according to the financial and non financial services needed.

Design and follow-up of financing operations and participation in the capital of financial institutions, first and second floor

 we consider the interests of all the actors involved: financiers, borrowers and population.

Governance of entities

 design of the governance structure, composition and by-laws according to the entity and the best practices applicable in each situation. Participation as independent members.